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It was the wrong job to begin with

Recruitment is oh, so mythified, mystified, it sometimes feels scary. It is certainly not seen as a science and shows no sign of being one, even though the likes of Google try to correct that with the introduction of Big … Continue reading

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When I hear the word Culture… or is it HR?

Funny how often HR is associated with “Culture”. A number of vacancy ads, of job descriptions related to HR positions refer to the matter as if these guys had some secret insight as to how culture is done. Changed. Imprinted. … Continue reading

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That poker curve

Guess what: the main obstacle against changes that are so dearly desired in any firm is the leadership team itself, the very same team in charge of ensuring the company evolves and keeps up with its time. Let’s explore that … Continue reading

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But you promised!

Leading by example is often discussed in these pages, considering how important one’s image is as a management tool. It is as simple as that: firms may creatively invent as many incentive management systems, policies, rules, organization charts and models … Continue reading

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Monkey see, monkey do.

Greek philosophers often opposed culture to nature, stating that culture was a transformation of, or differentiation from, nature. The cooked vs. the raw if you will. I had started discussing the matter in A K.P.I. Culture., it is time to … Continue reading

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Lefties do it better

Imagine a company coming up one day, somewhat lost with say 6 or 7 products to introduce to the market, suffering from internal struggles as to which product should be focused on. It’s a very competitive market and they are … Continue reading

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The ultimate leadership development lesson

Leadership and development are the cornucopia of business publications’ clichés. Running dry for the next issue? Why not talk about yet another leadership guru, or development survey or “best practice”? This is the business equivalent of the “6-pond diet before … Continue reading

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