Corporatchik serves a simple yet extraordinarily rich purpose: study corporate practices and underline actions of managers who

– Missed the point by so much, they actually stand a fairer chance to get to it after a complete world tour;

– Or contrarywise, acted in a supremely clever fashion, which sometimes just amounts to using good old common sense and goodwill (hint: can be used as a compass);

– and study the good as well as the horrifying practices of homo corporatus matrici in general, to collectively loath them or behold them in pure awe.

Because mistakes are the best way to learn – or are they? Corporatchik would not exist if I did not see this statement contradicted all the time! – we’ll try to learn together from the mistakes of others, with the vain hope they will not be ours someday. Let us stay humble in front of the abyss! Successes, on the other hand, will come as refreshing pauses in our custom-made tour of Corporate Inferno. I, the Governor, will try to be your Virgil.

Names and contexts are often changed, but all the stories you’ll read about in Corporatchik are… true. Yes. I know. Don’t rub it in.

Agnus Corporati qui tollis peccáta procuratorum: miserere nobis.


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